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Water Treatment Systems by Riverway Plumbing


You deserve high-quality, good-tasting water to drink and use in your Bloomington home or business. We offer a number of water treatment options to eliminate water quality issues, like:

Cloudy Water
Bad Tasting Water
Bad Smelling Water (rotten egg smell)
Rusty Water That Leaves Stains
Hard Water Issues

We can supply and install all the water treatment equipment needed to correct these issues either for a single faucet or the whole home or business.

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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems

If you have impurities in your water that cause it to smell or taste bad, a reverse osmosis treatment system can help. These water treatment systems remove impurities, resulting in great tasting water, clean cooking water, clear ice cubes and water that’s free of or unhealthy or hazardous particles.

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Water Treatment Systems for Businesses

Water quality is critical to many commercial, food service and industrial processes—and to the health of your plumbing. We supply and install the equipment you need to ensure the best water quality for your business and your customers.

Water treatment systems for our commercial customers include:

Taste and Sediment Filters
Manifold Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems

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